The meeting was called to order by CHUCK WENDELL, DIRECTOR at 7:30 PM. with 16 people in attendance.

TREASURER'S REPORT - GORDON ROBERTS gave us the balance after all bills were paid.


OLD BUSINESS- We designated money for rental of the area for this years Car Show and the donation to the Guide Dogs . Motions were made and seconded.

NEW BUSINESS- Guide Dogs Association had mentioned to BOB BOYNTON when he picked up the Pins they would be willing to have our Car Show at their facility next year. We have to have several things answered before a commitment is made to them (Food Preparation, Parking, etc,) When the remaining Pins and Check are delivered the Committee will return with answers to our questions and we can make a decision. We also discussed how to add to our bank balance. HOWARD BROWN brought up our existing Web Site and proposed to open a new one which he would monitor. The new one would cost $270.00 per year. A vote was taken and it was agreed that we would open one for our Club. He brought samples of one he has for the Studebaker Club. We need to think of a name for our Web Site. Several were suggested and will be voted on later. HOWARD will need pictures of our cars to add to other information in the Web Site. Discussion will continue next month.

50/50 RAFFLE- MARY PIOT donated a tote bag which was won by BOB and LOUISE BOYNTON . DON NAUGLE brought a Cup-DEL CRABILL, 2012 Calendar-LISA, World War II Veterans Cap-DEL CRABILL which she presented to JOE CRABILL , Watch-GORDON ROBERTS, Calculator-CHUCK and HOWARD BROWN won the money.

Meeting-adjourned at 8:45 P.M. .--■. ,

Minutes Submitted by Maryellen Zarnosky, Secretary